The Big Bang Theory: 10 Memes That Completely Sum Up Sheldon As A Character

In June, Deadline said, Jim Parsons would lead in the upcoming off-Broadway play, A Man of No Importance. Since he played Sheldon Cooper on “The Big Bang Theory,” Jim Parsons has also been in “The Boys in the Band” on Broadway. This shows that he is just as talented on the stage as on TV or in movies.

Physics students could understand how frustrated Sheldon was.

A physics student shared a meme on Instagram from @Fact and space (and those in similar fields). In season 10, Sheldon was upset that Bert got a grant to do geology research. He didn’t respect the area and didn’t want to do the kind of work that was allowed to be done with so much freedom.

Sheldon the Boy Wonder

Sheldon is the kind of person who can’t sleep when he’s working on a big project or a great discovery. Instead, he would look for answers about getting little to no sleep rather than go to bed and rest. Some of Sheldon’s best episodes were when he was almost a genius in science but wouldn’t help anyone until he finished his job.

Move Over, Rose. You’re where Sheldon was.

There were mistakes in how Sheldon’s habits, dislikes, and likes were shown. Even after Sheldon left his apartment to live with Amy, he didn’t like it when other people sat in his old spot. His dedication to his “spot” on the couch, on the other hand, was always the same.

Bazinga, Punk!

Fans didn’t just use Sheldon or his catchphrases in The Titanic. They also used them in the Spider-Man movies. @On Set Big Bang Theory showed a scene from Spider-Man where MJ and Spider-Man were having a serious talk. As a joke, the person who made the meme took a page from Sheldon’s book and had Spider-Man say, “Bazinga.”

It was hard for Sheldon to leave Penny and Leonard alone.

Before settling down and getting married, these two went from being strangers to neighbors to friends to having crushes on each other. They got to know each other inside and out. Fans watched their relationship go up and down like a roller coaster.

How much did Penny owe Leonard and Sheldon?

Penny was beautiful, but she didn’t get any acting jobs. Thanks to Leonard’s kindness, she could pay her bills and eat. @GBangTheory.memes.on made the perfect meme to show how much money Penny owed Sheldon and Leonard over the years.

Sheldon cared as much about Penny and Leonard as the fans did.

Every time Leonard and Penny broke up, it threw Sheldon for a loop. Even though they loved each other, they couldn’t be happy together because they were different. Leonard’s time with Penny brought him the most happiness out of all his relationships.

Little Miss Smartypants

There are a lot of memes about The Big Bang Theory that sums up what the show is about. Every fan has a meme, from Raj’s love for his dog to Sheldon’s dislike of germs. And with “Little Miss” memes being so popular right now, this one screamed Sheldon’s character.

Name a more famous trio.

The central character of The Big Bang Theory is Sheldon, but he wouldn’t be Alvin in Alvin and the Chipmunks. He’d be Theodore because he’s so intelligent. Sheldon wouldn’t mind being in the same category as Alvin, Theodore, and Simon.

In every episode, fans learn something new from Sheldon.

Sheldon thought it was great that his friends got to hang out with him because he was the most intelligent character. Sheldon’s friends had difficulty respecting him because he was so full of himself, but they couldn’t deny how much they had learned from him.

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