The Big Bang Theory: 9 Best Option Endings, Per Reddit

The Big Bang Theory was completed in 2019, but Young Sheldon’s spinoff is about to start its sixth season in September. There have been a few spoiler alerts about young Sheldon looking older and more grown up, which made fans of the original series remember how his story ended.

All of it was a dream.

All the actors became famous from the first episode of TBBT to the last. At one point, they were some of the best-paid TV actors, making $1 million per episode. Because the cast had paid a lot and worked hard on the show, people hoped for a complete ending.

Howard and Bernadette’s Ending Is True to Life

SignificantSound7904 didn’t like that The Big Bang Theory ended happily. Instead, they wished that Amy and Sheldon got divorced after Sheldon won the Nobel Prize and that Leonard and Penny broke up for a while after Leonard couldn’t handle Penny’s being a successful businesswoman.

It’s a Family Thing

Sheldon was a good friend, even though he almost lost his group of friends in the last episode of the show. He was sometimes self-centered but stopped when he saw the bigger picture.

A small change to how Sheldon reacted to Penny’s getting pregnant

Even though Penny and Sheldon had one of the best friendships, he didn’t handle her pregnancy very well. He found out on the plane on the way to the Nobel Prize events. He was too busy thinking about other things to process the big news about Leonard and Penny. His response made people feel bad for Leonard.

Leaving their old apartment building

The finale of TBBT was one of the best episodes because the characters didn’t change too much. They still had each other’s lives, lived in the same places, and met at apartment 4a weekly for dinner. But some fans thought it was time to stop watching the famous apartment building.

After 20 years,

What if, after the Nobel Prize ceremony, viewers saw what their lives were like 20 years later instead of seeing the group eat dinner, as usual?

What Did Mary Do?

Mary Cooper, Sheldon’s mom, became one of the show’s more likable side characters. She was the opposite of Sheldon, and her funny one-liners set her apart from the other characters on the show. Some people were crushed that Mary wasn’t at Sheldon’s Nobel Prize ceremony because they knew how close they were.

Who Needs a Lift?

Fans were delighted when the elevator was fixed after being broken for 12 years. In the same way, a lot of important things happened in that unique stairwell. It was a time when the characters talked about their days, argued about a show, or saw each other in awkward situations. It was exciting to ride the elevator, but it also marked the end of an era.

The babies they had would be intelligent and pretty.

Even though Penny had said for years that she didn’t want children, some fans weren’t happy when she got pregnant, but GrapeJuiceCheese came up with a great way to make it the perfect ending.

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