The Big Bang Theory: Amy’s 10 Saddest Moments

Amy Farrah Fowler was only a tiny part of what made The Big Bang Theory a hit. Like most of her on-screen friends, Amy evolved from a shy woman with no social awareness to a friendly group member. Her wits, intelligence, and relationship with Sheldon Cooper made her a fascinating character to follow.

10. She was bullied as a child.

Fans didn’t learn about Amy’s bullying history until she became closer to Penny and Bernadette. She told her friends that science and the harp helped her get through difficult times. Because of her hairy knuckles, her classmates dubbed her “Fuzzy Fingers Fowler” in school.

9. She and her mother have a strained relationship.

Amy’s relationship with her parents (particularly her mother) is hazy. Amy appeared to be close with her parents at first, given her desire for Sheldon to meet them early in their friendship. Their relationship became more complicated as time passed.

8. Penny and Bernadette have a habit of ignoring her.

Amy, Bernadette, and Penny had good and bad nights with their girlfriends. Amy was unfamiliar with the concept of wine and gossiping with friends at first, which caused Penny and Bernadette to doubt their friendship with her. The three grew closer over time, but Amy was heartbroken in ‘The Isolation Permutation’ when she discovered Penny and Bernadette had gone dress shopping for bridesmaids without her. It was disheartening to realize she didn’t have the friends she thought she did.

7. Raj made it clear that he didn’t like her.

When Amy, Bernadette, and Penny grew closer, they made an unspoken agreement to get together whenever their guys did. When Raj joined them on their outing, what should have been an exciting night out turned into a sad one.

6. Sheldon made the most of her patience.

The timeline of Amy and Sheldon’s relationship on The Big Bang Theory was a wild ride. They had been best friends before taking their relationship seriously.

5. Her Prom Experience Had Been Disappointing

The friends decided to throw an adult prom for themselves in one episode. They dressed up, decorated the roof, and even rented a limo. Amy said some touching quotes about the TBBT group’s friendship, but while they were planning prom, Amy admitted how complex dance would be without friends.

4. She has a low sense of self-worth.

Compared to Penny and Bernadette, Amy didn’t always have the best outfits, but she was comfortable enough not to feel the need to change. Her self-confidence was at an all-time low until she became famous after winning the Nobel Prize.

3. Amy Nearly Missed Out On A Nobel Prize

Sheldon and Amy worked hard on their Super Asymmetry theory, and when two scientists confirmed it, they seemed destined for the Nobel Prize.

2. Her Sexual Experiences (Or Lack Thereof)

When Amy and Sheldon saw their friend Bert eating alone on their date nights on The Big Bang Theory, they invited him to join them. When Bert revealed that he knew everything there was to know about her and Sheldon’s annual sex life, Amy was taken aback.

1. Her Friendship Problems

Amy struggled with friendship as a child, as well as being bullied. Amy was dragged into doing things because she didn’t want to lose Penny or Bernadette’s company, even though she was always true to herself and her values.

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