The Big Bang Theory: Are Mayim Bialik And Kaley Cuoco Really Friends?

Showbiz is hard for celebrities, especially if you’re a high-earning actress in a show that has won many awards. This makes it hard for newcomers to fit in with an already well-known group. It wasn’t surprising when the media (gossip blogs) found out that Kaley Cuoco and Mayim Bialik were not getting along.

What Caused The Tension?

Because of this, when Mayim Bialik started to appear on the show with Kaley, Jim Parsons, and Johnny Galecki, they were already well-known to fans. To put them at the top of the TV food chain, they agreed to a $200,000 per episode salary. For newcomers like Bialik, who played Dr. Amy Fowler, a neuroscientist, it took a while to make their money. They were getting the usual $60,000 per episode or more minor.


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Radar Online made things worse in 2018 when it said that Bialik and Cuoco didn’t like each other. Cuoco didn’t want to take a pay cut because Bialik was jealous of how much money he was making. Reports then spread that Cuoco didn’t like the new person, making her less welcome to Bialik because she didn’t like the new person. They might get into a fight.

Debunking The Rumors

Many people say that Kaley and Mayim didn’t like each other. We can see why. There had been a lot of fights between the two of them, and the producers tried to keep them apart. According to Gossip Cop, that statement isn’t true because Kaley and Mayim’s characters, Penny and Amy, were friends. Bialik also went to Cuoco’s wedding, which is why that statement isn’t true. In 2017, Cuoco took a pay cut to help Bialik get a raise. This means that the idea that being unfriendly is terrible isn’t accurate.


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What’s The Real Deal?

The truth is that The Big Bang Theory cast is a close-knit group of people. There are many things we know about them based on the Sun. They meet up sometimes and work together on other things. I went to her wedding & celebrated stuff with her. Mayim told People magazine in 2017 that “I’m happy to say that we have a strong cast, and we all know that our strength comes together.”


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What’s Kaley Doing Now?

This isn’t the first time Kaley’s relationship with one of her co-stars has been the subject of media attention. Last year, her new show, The Flight Attendant, said that Alanna Ubach from Euphoria would be on the main cast in Season 2. People who saw the movie said that Ubach’s character would fight with Cuoco, which would cause tensions between them. Some fans think these on-screen tensions might be real-life, but we don’t believe that. Before it turned into a Bialik situation, Kaley put bonding sessions on Instagram for her 7 million flowers to try to stop the gossip.


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