The Big Bang Theory Cast: What They Looked Like In Their First Episode And Now

The Big Bang Theory Cast: What They Looked Like In Their First Episode And Now

CBS hit show The Big Bang Theory has been on our screens for more than a decade now. No one thought this show about four scientists and their hot neighbor would be as popular as it has been. It first aired in 2007. It’s now in its eleventh season, and it doesn’t look like it will stop soon. Fans of the show can rejoice: Big Bang will be on your TV until at least 2019.

15. Kaley Cuoco Is Still Incredibly Sultry

If anything, Kaley Cuoco is even more beautiful now than when she played Penny in the first season of Big Bang. Her looks haven’t always been the same. In 2014, Cuoco had a trendy pixie cut. She cut off most of her beautiful blonde hair. Her hair is now long again. She has had many different hairstyles that have worked well for her. It isn’t fair!

14. Simon Helberg Has Gotten Better Looking & More Political

When I said Howard Wolowitz from the Big Bang Theory is hot in real life; you didn’t think I would say it. His weird hair, 70’s fashion sense, and sleazy ways make him look bad on the show. The actor who plays Howard is pretty good-looking when he’s not playing Howard. Because of his age, his looks have changed. Adding a slight beard to his face makes him even more handsome. Who would have thought it?

13. Kunal Nayyar Is Way More Confident Than His Character

Raj, Howard’s wingman, and a well-known astrophysicist, are timid at the show’s start. He is so bad at social situations that he can’t talk to women. Raj’s goofy hair and questionable fashion sense don’t help him when he tries to date. However, things get better for him over time, and he has a lot of high-profile girlfriends.

12. Bernadette Actress Melissa Rauch Is So Much Steamier In Real Life

Okay, this has to be the most significant change that any Big Bang cast member has gone through. Melissa Rauch is best known for portraying Bernadette, the microbiologist who married Howard. Bernadette is brilliant and wise. She’s not very adventurous when it comes to fashion on the show. She only wears practical clothes that don’t get in the way of her lab work. Rauch was like her character: sweet, homely, and not very saucy.

11. Mayim Bialik Has A Glamorous Side

In Season 3, Amy Farrah Fowler joined the Big Bang cast of characters. It soon became apparent that she would be there for a long time. As far as I can tell, she’s not the wrong person. She is a brilliant neuroscientist, but she’s also the only woman who has ever been able to get Sheldon to think that dating someone might be a good idea. After a long time of Sheldon having trouble with both physical and emotional intimacy, the two finally got physical in Season Nine & are now married and very happy with each other.

10. Kevin Sussman, who plays Stuart, looks old and tired.

Stuart has become a more significant part of The Big Bang Theory season by season. He owns a comic book store. Kevin Sussman was supposed to only be a guest star at first, but after Season Six, he was promoted to the leading role.

9. Sara Gilbert Is Barely Recognizable – or Not In A Good Way

Sara Gilbert has been a part of The Big Bang Theory for a long time. Before he met Penny, Leslie Winkle was Leonard’s on-again, off-again love interest, and she played her part in the movie. Gilbert was made to look a lot like Leonard. She wore thick glasses and sweatshirts as part of her character’s wardrobe. Gilbert could pull off this look, even though it doesn’t look good on most people. She took geek chic to the next level or looked good at it.

8. Stunning Has lost her baby face and gained some bangs:

During Season Seven, Laura Spencer joined the cast of The Big Bang Theory. She played Emily, Raj’s love interest. She is beautiful, but she also gave Raj his best chance to find a date in a long time. The two did get together, and they looked like they were the perfect match. We were all very excited.

7. Sara Rue’s Weight Loss Transformation Is Incredible

Sara Rue didn’t stay on The Big Bang Theory for very long, but she did show up in Season Two as Stephanie. Stephanie and Leonard were together for a while, and they dated for a few weeks. Things turned sour for a time when Stephanie tried to move the relationship forward too quickly, and Leonard had doubts. As soon as Leonard asked her to move out of their apartment, she was never seen or heard from again.

6. A Bereavement Has Taken Its Toll On Christine Baranski

Christine Baranski has been one of Hollywood’s most well-known actresses for a long time now. As Tanya, the infamous cougar in Mamma Mia. The sequel to the movie is coming out in 2018! There have been a lot of times now that she’s been on the show as Leonard’s mom. Of course, playing the mother of a 30-something-year-old man means that you have to look a bit old. As for how she looked for someone in her 60s, Baranski always seemed pretty good for her age.

5. Stressed-Out Kate Micucci Tries To Avoid The Cameras

This is when Kate Micucci first appeared on The Big Bang Theory. It was in Season 6. She played Raj’s love interest, Lucy, a socially awkward woman like the scientist because she was socially awkward. The two knew each other’s problems very well, and it was a shame that they broke up after Raj made Lucy meet his friends. Raj brought all of his exes together in Season Ten to figure out what went wrong in his relationships. The character did show up again.

4. Wil Wheaton Has Got A Bigger Beard & A Bigger Body

Wil Wheaton is a Star Trek actor. He’s been playing a fictionalized version of himself in Big Bang since the show’s third season. Sheldon used to be a fan, but now he’s constantly feuding with him. Wheaton’s ability to make fun of himself has made him a hit with the cast. At least once in every season but one since his first cameo.

3. Aarti Mann Is Bigger But Still Beautiful

There were two seasons of Big Bang where Aarti Mann was a guest star: the fourth and the fifth. They made her sexy sister of Raj. Leonard had a little romance with her at one point. Rekindle their romance when Priya comes to visit. They break up when Priya goes back to India and cheats on Leonard with her ex-boyfriend. Ouch!

2. Newlywed Jim Parsons Has A New Lease Of Life

The Big Bang Theory has changed Jim Parsons’ life in a big way. Before the show, he was a little-known actor who did a few small parts. Four Emmys out of six nominations for his role as Sheldon have been won. He earns at least $1 million an episode, and he’s never short on movie and TV roles. He’s also now married. He married his long-term partner, Todd Spiewak, in May 2017.

1. Johnny Galecki Has Seriously Put On Weight

Leonard actor Johnny Galecki hasn’t had as good a time as some of his other co-stars have had in the past few years. In 2007, Galecki was in his early 30s and looked suitable. He was tall and thin but in a nerdy way.

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