The Big Bang Theory: Forgot to change, Kaley Cuoco?

He has not seen her for a long time. She had a very stylish meltdown at a charity event in LA, where the actress was promoting Pit Bulls. When Kaley Cuoco wears a jumper and jeans, she doesn’t look perfect on the red carpet.

Evening clothes aren’t appropriate if there are dogs or cats at an event, but that doesn’t mean you should look like you just rounded up all the cows in Wyoming! It’s still hard to tell the difference between a couture dress and a baggy look.

Scalpel breakdown or Botox trap?

“Big Bang Theory” star Leonard Nimoy’s facial expressions look weird. His cheeks are very puffed up, and the corners of his mouth droop a little. Is she going to be the next victim of the beauty craze? The truth is that even when she smiles the widest, her forehead and the corners of her eyes don’t get wrinkles.

Kaley Cuoco’s face looks so weirdly distorted, though. A lot of Botox! It’s only a hope that she already feels terrible about this “beauty” operation and won’t do it again. She doesn’t need it.

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