The Big Bang Theory: Kaley Cuoco calls wellness ritual ‘torture’ in stunning new photo

It does not just exercise that keeps actress Kaley Cuoco in top shape. On Monday, she told fans that it does not just exercise that keeps her in shape. The Flight Attendant star talked about how far she goes to keep her body in top condition. It’s not for the faint of heart when Kaley took a picture of herself getting cupping therapy, an ancient form of alternative medicine in which heated cups are put on the skin to make suction.

Her back was turned to a camera in the picture, which showed 14 round bruises from an operation that she had done on her back & shoulders. She wrote on the photo: “Thank you @eleanorvontrapp for the wonderful torture today.” She was referring to her therapist. Cupping is thought to help blood flow, reduce cellulite, and ease the pain. Because it can leave behind large, circular bruises, Kaley’s back looks a little bruised in her picture. Kaley is a big fan of cupping, and she has shown off her bruised skin on some occasions.

As recently as April 2021, Kaley said that her make-up artists had to use foundation in her strapless pink Prabal Gurung gown before the SAG Awards because she had an appointment with them earlier that day. A-list celebrities aren’t the only ones who like to use cups to help them relax. Gwyneth Paltrow, Victoria Beckham, and Jennifer Aniston are like the treatment.

Many people say that cupping helps people recover faster after they work out. Kaley, who works out a lot, isn’t the only one. Among her fans, she’s famous for sharing every step of her workout with them. She uses a stationary climbing machine called the VersaClimber and weight stretches and crunches to keep her body in shape, reports the New York Times.

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