The Big Bang Theory: Raj and Emily’s Relationship in a Nutshell

To make Raj happy, Penny introduced Raj and Emily to each other. Emily’s inability to hear would eliminate any difficulty caused by Raj’s selective mutism. Due to Howard’s fluency in sign language, he was tasked with translating their later exchanges.

On their first date, Howard joined Raj and Emily once more. Even though Raj was incredibly pretentious, Howard could correctly interpret and clarify a good chunk of what Raj said. Emily ended the date with a passionate kiss that left Raj feeling very fulfilled.

He and Emily are a couple now that they’ve known each other for a month. Since they first met, they’ve been on a date every night. Emily’s friends believe she is a gold digger because Raj showered her with gifts such as diamond earrings, credit card protection, and a brand new car lease. They conclude that Emily is only interested in Raj because of the gifts he gives her. Raj is immune to her gift-buying behaviour, so he will continue to do favours for her in exchange for gifts.

Penny tried to get in touch with Emily by Howard, but Howard got distracted and insulted Emily by asking her if she was a gold digger. Penny then told Raj’s parents about what had happened, and they threatened to stop giving him monthly money. Rajesh has “strong feelings for the money,” but in the end, he chooses Emily. Raj tells Emily that while they must return the presents, they will always have their love for one another, and that is all that matters in the end. Still, she clings to his embrace, and her face is etched with grief. In light of this new development, Emily decides to end her relationship with Raj.

For the next three years, beginning with season 7’s “The Friendship Turbulence,” Raj dates a dermatologist named Emily.

She was one of three female actors or actresses who appeared in multiple episodes of the TV show Switched at Birth as Raj’s romantic interest. The other two were Tania Raymonde (Dr Yvette) and Laura Spencer (Emily Sweeney).

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