The Big Bang Theory’s Jim Parsons gets a dramatic hair makeover for ‘OLD SHELDON’

Jim Parsons from THE BIG BANG THEORY goes through a big change to play a cruel star maker on Netflix’s new show, Hollywood. After leaving The Big Bang Theory’s Sheldon, comedy fan favourite Jim Parsons goes from being a geek to being a cool Hollywood agent.

Henry is a predator who forces many would-be male stars into sexual relationships.

And the sleazy character needs a smarmy look. The 47-year-old actor praised the team of makeup artists who spent hours making him look like the cocky puppet master.

The agent always looks very sharp, and Henry’s receding hairline and greasy hair are almost as scary as his dirty jokes.

Jim Parsons shows the clips at the back of his neck that hold his wig in place.

His stylist puts contact lenses in his eyes.

Jim Parsons told Henry Wilson what he had to do to get to where he was in Hollywood.

His fans were amazed by how he looked, and one asked. “What was it like to play this character? You are so unique and have so many different skills in this series!!!

Old Sheldon,” wrote someone else.

The Hollywood agent is at the centre of the drama. It also stars Queen Latifah, Mira Sorvino, Dylan McDermott, and Rob Reiner, all well-known actors.

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