The Big Bang Theory's Kaley Cuoco and Lauren Lapkus spent most of their time together

The Big Bang Theory’s Kaley Cuoco and Lauren Lapkus spent most of their time together

In season 11 of TBBT, 37-year-old Lauren Lapkus plays Stuart’s girlfriend, Denise. After that, Lauren was cast as a regular. Her character finds Stuart’s hypochondria and neuroses hilarious as a comic book nerd. I couldn’t help but be fascinated by her playful demeanour, and her gleaming grin left me speechless. During her time on “TBBT”, Lauren Lapkus’s best friend was Kaley Cuoco.

Kevin Sussman Desires More Time Spent Together With Lauren Lapkus In Their On-Screen Romance

In addition to her roles in Jurassic World and Orange Is the New Black, Lauren Lapkus is known for her work in other films and television shows. But her role as Denise, Stuart’s comic book store assistant, on The Big Bang Theory, is one of her most memorable cameos. At the wedding of Sheldon and Amy, we see Denise’s character become enamoured with Stuart’s wit and intelligence.


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Kevin Sussman, who was interviewed alongside Roster Con, said he would have liked to see where their relationship went if it had happened earlier in the season. The writers probably didn’t know it was the last season until the very end. I looked forward to noticing what would happen next in the story now that my character had a girlfriend.

Big Bang Theory’s Lauren Lapkus was a blast during the work in front of a live audience

From the different guests to the well-known cast, Lapkus had a great time on set. She wrote about her experience in pop culture. It was fantastic to come into something that was so established and had been going on for so long. Everyone knew each other well and had been working together for so long. They were excited to have guests come in and change the energy by having different people.

Big Bang Theory's Lauren Lapkus was a blast during the work in front of a live audience
Lauren Lapkus and Kaley Cuoco’s Friendship

Lapkus also discussed the thrill of performing live. The actress said it was always lively. “I liked that we shot with a live audience because they’d been watching for so long.” The audiences were excited, and many shared personal stories about how the show had helped them. Being a part of that felt special. Being there as it ended was thrilling. It was memorable. Lapkus knew it was an end-of-an-era moment for the cast and was glad to be a part of it. She enjoyed appearing on the show and made some close friends.

Lauren Lapkus said she’d go on a road trip with Kaley Cuoco

People interviewed Lauren Lapkus, and it was a sit-down affair. One of the segments was called “speed round.” It consisted of Lapkus answering personal questions without any preparation.

Lapkus admitted without hesitance that she would have the most fun working alongside Kaley Cuoco, demonstrating that the two connected during the short time they spent working together on The Big Bang Theory. One of the questions asked her to identify the co-star with whom she would most likely go on a vacation by car. There is a reason for us to believe that Kevin Sussman experienced devastation due to this answer.


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In his life after The Big Bang Theory, Lapkus continues to maintain a hectic schedule. In addition to the fact that she is working on developing a television series called Sober Companion, she also has three projects currently in the post-production phase. Additionally, recently, the actress appeared in multiple cameos in Star Trek: Lower Deck. I think Wil Wheaton would be impressed if he saw this.

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