The Most Iconic Roommate Moments in Big Bang Theory Ranked

The Most Iconic Roommate Moments in Big Bang Theory Ranked

It was called “The Big Bang Theory,” It ran from 2007 to 2019. It told the story of a group of brilliant scientists who were also nerds. One day, a new girl named Penny (Kaley Cuoco) comes to live with them. She makes the guys step outside their comfort zones, which they don’t like. Leonard Hofstadter and Sheldon Cooper are two of the most important characters (Jim Parsons). They are great scientists, but they have very different views on life. Leonard likes to spend more time with Penny and build up his social circle, but Sheldon thinks he’s better off alone and thinks he’s happy.

14. The first meeting

“The Big Bang Theory” has a lot of people wondering why Leonard lives with Sheldon in the first place because he can be so hard to deal with at times. During the episode “The Staircase Implementation” (Season 3, Episode 22), Leonard tells Penny how he became Sheldon’s roommate, and he says this:

13. Negotiating the Roommate Agreement

The “Roommate Agreement” is Sheldon’s most important way to keep power in his friendship with Leonard. It was signed by Leonard when he first moved into the apartment. It has a lot of detailed rules about how he and Sheldon should act as both roommates and friends.

12. Sheldon’s ball pit adventure

Sheldon doesn’t care much about following the rules of society. His genius intellect and antisocial nature often make him very annoying. To be his best friend/roommate/long-suffering caretaker, Leonard usually has to keep Sheldon in line when he’s crazy.

11. Leonard’s Day

As an older brother, Leonard is always looking out for Sheldon. On the other hand, Sheldon always says he doesn’t need anyone to look out for him, and he usually doesn’t pay attention to what Leonard does for him. Leonard’s friends often think he’s being taken advantage of when he can’t get what he wants from people.

10. When Sheldon taught Leonard a lesson

“The guy is just one lab accident away from being a supervillain,” Leonard tells Penny when he talks to her. During “The Itchy Brain Simulation” (Season 7, Episode 8), when Leonard says they haven’t seen the DVD they once rented for seven years, Sheldon shows his Machiavellian side.

9. When Leonard chose Penny over Sheldon

Sheldon’s central character trait in the majority of “The Big Bang Theory” is that he is a narcissist. He’s the most necessary person in his life, and he wants his friends to put him in the same place in their own lives, as he shows in “The Large Hadron Collision” (Season 3, Episode 15).

8. When Sheldon hit Leonard over Amy

One character in “The Big Bang Theory” doesn’t seem like he can change at the show’s start: Sheldon Cooper. On the other hand, Sheldon always thinks that everyone else is to blame for the problems in their lives. He thinks the world needs to change around him, not him.

7. When Sheldon got shocked by a break-in.

The fun of Sheldon’s character is watching someone with a genius intellect live in the body of a man-child who is always running around. This means that he doesn’t know how to behave in social situations, and Leonard is always the one who has to look after him. “The Bozeman Reaction” is the perfect storm of hilarity because of those things (Season 3, Episode 13).

6. When Sheldon stuck up for Leonard

When Sheldon looks after Leonard, it’s not very often. He usually looks after Leonard because he thinks of him as his sidekick. Leonard takes care of Sheldon and changes their behavior so much that Leonard almost looks like a doormat when they’re together.

5. When Leonard revealed Sheldon’s weakness

After living with Sheldon for a long time, Leonard had a lot of information about him. Much of that information is useless, and some are painful, like knowing Sheldon’s bathroom schedule intimately and not wanting to. But sometimes, Leonard’s knowledge of Sheldon’s personal life is critical.

4. The conference fight

Often, Leonard and Sheldon appear to be immature and ill-equipped to deal with adult life, but that’s usually an excellent way to describe their personalities. But the fact is that both are also outstanding researchers in their fields.

3. When Sheldon freaked out over Leonard’s surgery

One of Sheldon’s many flaws is that he often has bouts of hypochondria, which are made worse by his genius intellect. When he has to have a medical procedure or spend a long time in a hospital, he often thinks about the worst possible things. Leonard gets Sheldon’s worries in “The Septum Deviation,” which is in Season 8, Episode 9.

2. The zombie prank

He might look like a person who isn’t very amused or takes himself too seriously to the rest of the world. But his nearest friends know that Sheldon has a wicked sense of humor and that he’s always up for a good time with the right people. One of the funniest things to see this happen is in “The Good Guy Fluctuation” (Season 5, Episode 7).

1. Sheldon’s Nobel Prize speech

Sheldon never hides that he thinks he is better than his friends. After all these years, his goal has always been to prove that he was better than everyone else by winning the Nobel Prize for Physics. He sometimes thought about how much self-congratulation he would give himself when he won the award.

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