The Penny Theory Changes Everything On The Big Bang Theory

If you think about it, we hardly know anything about Penny (Kaley Cuoco) from The Big Bang Theory, who doesn’t even have a legitimate last name until she marries Leonard (Johnny Galecki) in season 9. Although blonde and gorgeous, her alleged acting career is not taking off. Despite making only a little money as a waitress, she manages to reside in an apartment complex that is pricey enough for two working scientists to afford it. However, her character seems to have nothing in common with Leonard and his companions. She still hangs out with them, eats Chinese food, and listens to them nerd out about things she doesn’t seem to understand virtually all the time.

The fact that these contradictions are never explored, let alone explained, points to a crisis in the show’s core premise. If you focus too intently on Penny, you will notice all the flaws that should have caused the series’ entire framework to collapse due to the extreme improbability of this one woman’s actions and characteristics. Thankfully, a fan theory offers a solution for these glaring plot holes, but its consequences are pretty difficult to fathom. Dare to learn what fans have conjectured about Penny’s real reasons for being close to Leonard and Sheldon (Jim Parsons).

The Spy Who Loved Leonard

According to this fan theory, it’s plausible that Penny is a covert spy. Which was first put out by Reddit user /u/numbertheory and picked up by Screen Rant. Move over The Americans; Chuck Lorre has an entirely new tale about a deep-cover agent hiding among her unwitting targets. The argument is related to the idea that the federal government has been eavesdropping on Sheldon and Leonard. Since Leonard ended things with Joyce Kim (Ally Maki), a female character. Who was revealed to be a North Korean spy in the episode “The Staircase Implementation.” According to the idea, they just brought Penny in to keep an eye on both guys. After learning about Leonard and Sheldon’s involvement in rocket fuel research. When coupled with the Kim event, an angry Leonard’s explosion. That destroys the building’s elevators may not have caught the notice of local authorities for very long, but it could have.

We are aware. Although it seems ludicrous, it resolves all the questions concerning Penny’s way of life. Consider this: Penny, who doesn’t even have a last name, has been sent into the lives of the men to observe their antics. That explains why she hangs out with two guys who are not her interests so frequently, why she doesn’t have any friends, how she can afford an apartment without a roommate, and why her alleged acting career isn’t taking off. Aside from the evident violations of Occam’s razor, occasionally, the explanation that genuinely explains everything is worth considering, unlike the ironically real Big Bang Theory. It is comparable to a Unified Theory of Penny.

Penny could tell you her last name, but then she would have to kill you

Consider this if you’re still having difficulties accepting the idea that Penny could be the crafty snoop living next door: The Big Bang Theory makes it apparent that Penny is not an idiot despite the lack of many PhDs; rather, the opposite. Would Penny’s relationship with the indisputable brilliant Leonard succeed? Without the gradual revelation of her brilliance throughout her long character arc? When the lads start talking about science, maybe she plays the “baby in the woods” card to lower their guard. Maybe she pretends to understand nothing to lull.

The residents of this apartment complex are full of useful fools with a false sense of security. They might have been more cautious with the specifics of their work. If they had known from the start that Penny comprehended even a tiny portion of what they were saying. They feel just the right amount of comfort in Penny’s blatant ignorance—some might even say performative—to reveal every secret. In the meantime, Penny might be meticulously documenting any information the boys might provide. That might interest federal intelligence, at least if this notion is to be believed. With this new knowledge, watch the entire series from the beginning. The show is very different.

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