The Script Theory That Has Fans Looking Double At The Big Bang Theory

Even your favorite sitcoms can be the subject of strange fan theories. Even though the old “x show takes place entirely inside the mind of a single character. The theory seems to be the most famous (thanks a lot, “St. Elsewhere”), but there are some fan theories that are much more creative. For example, “The Big Bang Theory” has a strange screenplay theory that says Penny is a lot more creative than we thought at first.

Throughout 12 seasons, “The Big Bang Theory” did a lot to show that Penny is the only average person in a group of geniuses. For her part, the waitress at the Cheesecake Factory was an average young woman in Los Angeles who was trying to become an actress. As the show went on, Penny eventually gave up on being famous and became a successful sales rep for pharmaceuticals.

But what if it wasn’t like that? According to ScreenRant, some brave fans have developed a fascinating alternate reality. Everything that happens in “The Big Bang Theory” is part of the screenplay. Penny was writing back in the pilot episode. In this case, Leonard and Sheldon’s next-door neighbor would be a successful T.V. Showrunner who got ideas from their strange neighbors across the hall. Is it a little hard to believe? It’s true, but it’s also a fun way to explain why the show got better after Season 1. And let the characters grow up into well-rounded adults (albeit ones who still gleefully embraced their nerdy sides).

Does the Penny screenplay theory make sense?

In case you need a reminder, Penny casually mentions that she’s writing a screenplay when she meets Sheldon and Leonard for the first time in the pilot episode. “I’m also composing a script for a movie. It’s about a sensitive girl from Lincoln, Nebraska, who moves to L.A. to become an actress but works as a waitress at the Cheesecake Factory, “Leonard says. The real point of the line is to make a joke. Penny tells Leonard that she is from Omaha when he says that her screenplay is based on her real life. Then her hopes of becoming a screenwriter are never mentioned again.

This theory might make more sense if Penny’s screenplay had been discussed a few more times, especially during Season 1. After all, there are many changes between Season 1 and Season 2 of The Big Bang Theory. In the first season, most of the jokes are about the guys, and there is a lot of sexism. However, the second season is a big step up from the first (and an even bigger between Seasons 2 and 3). An exciting way to look at the show is that improvement is due to a change in point of view. Instead of seeing Penny’s real life, we see a brighter, sitcom version of it. Even though it’s improbable, this “Big Bang Theory” fan theory gets a lot of credit for being creative (but nothing will ever beat the “Penny is a secret spy” theory).

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