The worst thing Leonard has ever done to Penny on The Big Bang Theory

Leonard and Penny were meant to be together from the first episode of The Big Bang Theory in September 2007. Leonard (Johnny Galecki) met the bubbly blonde waitress who was moving into the apartment across the hall just minutes into the pilot of the hit sitcom. He fell in love with her right away. After a lot of “will they or won’t they?” tension, the shy experimental physicist took a while to work up the fearlessness to ask Penny (the always hilarious Kaley Cuoco) out. He didn’t even clear that it was a date on the first try. When they did start dating, it was on and off for a few seasons of “The Big Bang Theory. But most people wanted them to end up together even though they were very different.

A long list of discourtesies within Leonard and Penny’s relationship

Leonard has done so many bad things to other people that it’s hard to pick out just one bad thing he did to Penny. When Penny’s old boyfriend slept on her couch just a few weeks after they started dating (the first time), he went crazy with jealousy. He also got furious when Penny worked on a college project with a classmate. Penny wanted to be an actress, but Leonard didn’t want to help her. When she started doing well in her new job and started making more money than him, he became jealous. Leonard also rewrote Penny’s college paper because he didn’t think hers was good enough. He also read her diary, didn’t tell his mother that he and Penny were dating, and hid money from Penny because he didn’t trust her to know how to spend it.

Leonard, that was not the time for a confession.

Leonard and Penny have been engaged for a long time but haven’t done much to plan their wedding. In the season 8 finale of The Big Bang Theory, they take a spontaneous road trip to Las Vegas and get married there instead of having a big white wedding. Fans probably didn’t get the happy ending they hoped for with Lenny. But the last-minute choice fits with Penny’s more laid-back personality.

Don’t mess with the bride.

Penny decides, in the end, to go through with the wedding, but Leonard’s confession has effected almost right away. Penny was excited when they left Pasadena for Vegas, but now she seems annoyed by the details of the day. When Leonard said their wedding day would be the happiest, she told him, “Don’t push it.”

The Big Bang Theory season 8 ends on a cliffhanger, and the story continues in season 9’s first episode. In that episode, Penny still seems annoyed when Leonard tries to get their wedding plans in order once they get to the chapel. After they say “I do,” they return to their hotel room to start their honeymoon. Penny can’t even kiss her new husband without thinking about him kissing the other woman. When Leonard tries to calm Penny down, he lets slip that he works with the woman. He cheated on her and saw her often at the university. It is another nasty surprise for Penny. Leonard’s response to Penny’s latest outburst of anger suggests they try to have a baby, which is the worst thing they could do.

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