The Wrong Decision Penny Made On The Big Bang Theory

During her long time on “The Big Bang Theory,” Penny (Kaley Cuoco) proves to be a tough cookie. When the show is on, she does a lot to change the way her life is going. She changes her plans and goals, stays with Leonard Hofstadter (Johnny Galecki) even though he changes all the time, makes real friends with Leonard’s friends, and even finds Amy Farrah Fowler (Mayim Bialik) and Bernadette Rostenkowski (Bernadette Rostenkowski), two friends she can count on (Melissa Rauch).

But Penny’s natural tendency to act on impulse means that not all of her decisions are smart or good for her. Before the show starts, she marries her ex-boyfriend Zack Johnson (Brian Thomas Smith) in Las Vegas. She doesn’t realize that the “joke” ceremony is actual.  So she has to get an annulment from her ex so she can marry Leonard in Season 8. She and Leonard run away to Las Vegas to get married during Season 9. It is an entirely impulsive move that leaves their family and friends out of the picture and forces them to plan a more meaningful private ceremony later. Also, it’s crazy that after saying she doesn’t want kids for the whole run of the show. She gets pregnant by Leonard in Season 12 because he forgot to take a birth control pill.

Penny made a wrong choice when she gave up acting.

One of Penny’s many bad decisions is giving up her dreams of becoming an actress to sell pharmaceuticals. Still, it’s difficult to argue against the concept that giving up. Her dreams of becoming an actress to sell drugs is the worst. The main thing that drives the character from Season 1 to Season 8 is her job as an actress. It’s the main reason she moves to California. Even though her acting career has its ups and downs, like in Season 4’s.

The Cohabitation Formulation,” she shows up for a cat food commercial and finds out it’s an audition for a pornographic film. She seems to handle these bumps with style in the hopes of making her dreams come true. For most of the show, she has to work as a bartender and waitress at the Cheesecake Factory near where the gang hangs out to make just enough money to stay above the poverty line.

In Season 7’s “The Hesitation Ramification,” Penny quits The Cheesecake Factory to focus on her acting career. However, her role in an “NCIS” episode is cut after telling her family and friends that she will be on the show. Her faith in her acting dreams is shaken. But Leonard’s support gives her hope that she might get a part in the new “Star Wars” movie. In Season 8, she changes careers and becomes a sales rep for Bernadette’s pharmaceutical company.

Penny seems to be good at her new job, but she doesn’t love it.

Most of the time, “The Big Bang Theory” shows this as good for Penny’s career. She moves up in the company and has a good reputation that Bernadette’s competitor almost hires her. But she doesn’t love her job, even though she’s good at it, making her feel more confident. It’s also not an exceptionally safe place for her to be. She has to deal with sexual harassment just as much when she’s promoting drugs as when she’s trying to get parts in movies like “Serial Apeist” or avoid creeps while she’s selling food. Penny doesn’t care about her job in the end. She almost quits when Zack offers her another job in Season 10. Penny doesn’t, though, because the idea upsets her new husband, Leonard.

Even though it’s hard for Penny to keep up her acting career, “The Big Bang Theory” shows that she loves acting and is good at it. She may make more money in pharmaceuticals. But she never feels as happy and prosperous as in Season 6, Episode “The Monster Isolation,” “The Monster Isolation,” when Sheldon, Leonard, and Amy are moved by her performance in a play. Fans of “The Big Bang Theory” who post on the show’s official subreddit have complained about Penny’s career path before, calling her job as a sales rep a demotion for the character. The change takes some of the excitement out of her stories, making it the worst decision. She’s ever made in all the seasons of the CBS show.

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