Their young Sheldon ages vs. their real-life counterparts

Fans of The Big Bang Theory loved how Sheldon and the rest of the characters came to life because of how well the cast played them. This meant that the model of Young Sheldon had to fill some pretty big shoes. Sheldon is a character who can quickly become annoying. Still, Jim Parsons and Iain Armitage make sure that audiences find him charming and understand how his genius and cluelessness affect the people around him.

Montana’s George Cooper Jr. Jordan

George Jr., who goes by “Georgie,” is the oldest of the Cooper children. In every way, he is not like Sheldon. He acts like an ordinary, slightly rebellious teenage boy. Georgie is 17 years old in Season 5 and has a cocky and lazy attitude. He can be rough with Sheldon, but he cares about him and would do anything to protect him.

Missy Cooper—Raegan Revord

Sheldon’s twin sister, the Missy, is 12 when season 5 begins. Even though they were both born to the same mother, Missy and Sheldon are very different. She doesn’t care about schoolwork and has a hard time, but she has a social intelligence that Sheldon can only dream of having. She is one of the most comical characters on Young Sheldon because of how rude she is and how street smart she is.

Constance Tucker-Annie Potts

Constance is Sheldon’s maternal grandmother. She is also known as Connie or Meemaw. She is a critical person in Sheldon’s life. As an adult, Sheldon has things he doesn’t like about every family member except Meemaw. In season 5, she would be 69.

Zoe Perry and Mary Cooper

In season 5, Sheldon’s mother, Mary Cooper, is 42. She does her best to raise such an intelligent child. She doesn’t know what to do with him often, but it’s evident in every episode that she loves him very much.

Lance Barber-George Cooper Sr.

George Sr. wants to be a good dad but often misses the mark. He feels a lot of pressure to take care of his family and help his wife, as she already has a lot on her plate. In season 5, George is 48, only two years from the age when viewers know he will die (another severe issue that Young Sheldon will soon explore).

Wallace Shawn and Dr. John Sturgis

John Sturgis is a college professor and fellow genius who is 71 years old. People often compare him to Sheldon because they both don’t know how to get along with other people. He is a critical friend of Sheldon’s and even dated Meemaw. Meemaw calls Sheldon a “teddy bear.” Sturgis is also a lot sweeter and bubblier than Sheldon.

Tam Nguyen-Ryan Phuong

Sheldon’s 1st friend in high school, most likely because he has an equally difficult time making friends. He is much older than Sheldon, at 18 years old. His family emigrated to America from Vietnam. And he has seen a great deal of trauma in his life, sometimes resulting in outbursts.

Brenda Sparks-Melissa Peterman

Brenda is the Coopers’ blunt and down-to-earth neighbor. At the start of the series, Melissa Peterman is rough around the edges and often teases Mary and her family. But as time passes, she shows more and more signs of being kind. She likes George, and he wants her back. This led to the scandalous affair everyone knew about before the show started.

Billy Sparks-Wyatt McClure

Billy is Brenda’s son, who is 12 years old. He always picks on Sheldon, and Sheldon talks about Billy as an adult on TBBT. Billy loves hurting Sheldon, but he has told Missy he likes her. Fans thought Missy’s famous ex-husband could turn out to be Billy.

Sheldon Cooper-Iain Armitage

Sheldon is the main character of Young Sheldon. People who watched TBBT already knew and liked him. Sheldon is one of the most intelligent kids on TV, and it couldn’t have been easy to find a young actor to play him after Jim Parsons.

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