On The Big Bang Theory, they wanted Johnny Galecki to play Leonard without glasses.

The Big Bang Theory could have looked very different if Sheldon and Leonard, played by Johnny Galecki and Jim Parsons, didn’t get along so well right away. In this article, we’ll look at Johnny Galecki’s audition and what he was doing before he got the phone call that changed the course of his career. When the show started, the production team asked him to take off his glasses. We’ll look at what the actor did instead and why they might have been right.

Johnny Galecki was working in a theatre in New York when he was asked to try out for a role in a movie.

Before Chuck Lorre and The Big Bang Theory called Johnny Galecki on the phone, he was doing something else. He had worked on shows like Roseanne, so he knew what he was doing. But at the time, he was in New York working in the theatre, which was a different path for his career.

“I was working at a theatre in New York when Chuck Lorre called and said, “Bill Prady and I are talking about something. We don’t have anything written yet, but we will in a couple of weeks. Can we send you a few pages by fax?” That’s all, “He told the Hollywood Reporter.

Johnny Galecki’s big turning point came during the audition process when he found that he got along well with Jim Parsons. The actor said that if the two didn’t get along right away, it’s likely that someone else would have taken his place.

Johnny Galecki almost tried out for Sheldon instead of Leonard.

We can’t think of anyone else but Jim Parsons as playing Sheldon. In reality, Chuck Lorre thought the actor’s first audition was too good. Even more, Johnny Galecki could have also tried out for the part of Sheldon. Galecki was being selfish when he said he should read for Leonard instead.

“It was very self-centred of me.” to ask. I hadn’t been able to get through those heartfelt stories. I’ve often been cast as a character’s best friend or gay assistant so that those relationships could be explored. I said I’d rather play this guy, whose love life seems full of ups and downs, “he tells Cinema Blend.

“Beforehand, we were outside in the hall, and I asked him if he wanted to read through the scene a few times. He said, “no,” and I said, “Me, too.” We only talked. It was incredible to see Sheldon come to life in that way. I didn’t understand the character on the page at first, but when I saw Jim say his first line as Sheldon, I got it, and now I understand how these two fit together.”

Leonard’s glasses lenses were too shiny, so Galecki took them off.

Galecki read his lines while wearing glasses during the first episode’s rehearsals. This was a big problem for the TBBT crew because when Leonard and Sheldon were in scenes together, Leonard’s glasses made a glare that didn’t look good on screen.

“We practised the first episode for about a week and a half, and when we started filming, they said, ‘Well, you’re going to take your glasses off, right?’ “No, I want Leonard to wear glasses,” I said. “They told me, ‘Oh, we just thought you were wearing them all week to practise as Johnny,'” Galecki told Huff Post.

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