Watch Now: Kaley Cuoco’s OOPS Moment Is Captured On Camera

Everyone has their good and bad times. When it comes to fashion, you make yourself known for two reasons. One is either rocking the look, or two, you are utter fail, and that fashion disaster has managed to catch the audience’s eye.

Here are some fashion and slip moments of Kaley Cuoco that are must-watch.

Kaley Cuoco might have always been at a one-arm distance when it comes to fashion. But she might have had her slip-ups, and they have gone from woah to ohh! Real quick.

Having a fashion disaster is fine, but a fashion malfunction, especially the perfect one you have been wearing, is heart-wrenching. And it is uncalled for.

No matter who you are, there are occasions when your outfits or heels think of abandoning you, and poof! You are all pink in embracement.

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