10 Questionable Things We Ignored In The Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory was ratings and cultural powerhouse for the duration of its 12-season run. “The Big Bang Theory” centered on a bunch of scientists. Who enjoy intellectual activities and whose lives are flipped upside down. When pretty waitress Penny moved in across the hall. It is sometimes compared to other iconic sitcoms like “Friends” and “The IT Crowd.”
“The Big Bang Theory” was praised for bringing hidden facets of geek culture into the mainstream and for making brilliant characters the focus of the story rather than having them serve as “tech support” sidekicks, as is commonly the case in many films and television programs. The “Big Bang Theory” hosted several noteworthy guest stars from the actual scientific community due to its popularity and reputation for “nerd chic” humor.

However, something is not necessarily perfect just because it is well-liked. The show “The Big Bang Theory” has had several complex plotlines and repeating jokes throughout the years that have irritated some viewers. Here are 14 of these occurrences from the program.

How can Penny afford her apartment?

The first episode of “The Big Bang Theory” features Penny (Kaley Cuoco) moving into the apartment next to Leonard (Johnny Galecki) and Sheldon (Jim Parsons). We discover that Penny works as a waitress at the neighborhood cheesecake factory as she pursues her dream of becoming an actress.

That raises the question of how Penny manages to pay for her apartment without a roommate, given her precarious situation. In one of their roommate-related exchanges, Sheldon tells Leonard, “Frankly, if I could afford to live here myself, I would.” It is expensive to rent an apartment in their complex.

Penny’s frequent financial inability to pay for the food she consumes at Leonard and Sheldon’s apartment was also shown in the early seasons. Because she couldn’t bear the bill on time, the electricity was also turned off at her apartment. So how did she come up with the cash to cover her rent? We need to have seen Penny at least look for a roommate to split the bills with or secure some “rent-control” contract for her condo, much like Monica did in “Friends,” where she could afford her sizable apartment in the heart of New York.

Howard was basically a predator

It may not be apparent to viewers who first began watching “The Big Bang Theory” after Howard (Simon Helberg) married Bernadette (Melissa Rauch) just how much of a weirdo Howard was before finding true love. Early on, Penny frequently found herself the unfortunate object of Howard’s unwanted attentions because he essentially behaved like a predator.
When Howard asked Penny if she would have answered the door if she had known he was standing outside, it was one of the terrifying throwaway jokes from the beginning of the program.
Penny responds, “Not since I discovered that the teddy bear you got me contained a webcam,” to this. Even still, it wasn’t the first time Howard had attempted to utilize technology against the will of a desirable lady. He and Raj (Kunal Nayyar) tried extreme measures, even illegally using a government satellite, to locate the mansion where all the models were staying on “America’s Next Top Model.”

Although Howard’s antics are frequently played for laughs, it is evident that his conduct irritates every woman he encounters. That was demonstrated when Penny struck him in the eye after attempting to kiss her. The truth is that many tricks Howard used to try to get with women may have gotten him in trouble with the law if the program had been even a little more realistic.

Raj was bullied and mocked over his culture and everything else

Making jokes about stereotypes was a show staple on “The Big Bang Theory.” Raj (Kunal Nayyar), the show’s only main character, who is also a non-white, was frequently made fun of because of his Indian ancestry. Raj has been the target of numerous jokes over the years about hailing from an underdeveloped, overpopulated nation where people believe that animals have magical powers and Hindu deities are characterized as “blue chicks with a hundred arms.”
The show gradually reduced the number of jokes towards Indians, but the criticism of Raj intensified. Every facet of the character’s life was regularly made fun of, from his lack of a love partner to his inability to converse with women sober to his preference for “feminine” items. Even worse, Raj’s best buddy Howard was typically the one cracking those jokes, to the point that Raj and Howard briefly fell out over Howard’s bullying him regularly.

Raj received no form of redemption arc after the show. Due to experiencing one harsh letdown after another in his love life, he was the only main character who did not have a particular someone when the series came to a close. He was also shown to have grown significantly more financially reliant on his parents, taking Sheldon’s place as the man-child incapable of acting like an adult.

Penny’s constant put-downs of Leonard

Leonard Hofstadter’s desperate attempts to date Penny were the main focus of “The Big Bang Theory” before Jim Parsons became Sheldon, the show’s star. Leonard and Penny eventually get married and move in together, marking the end of numerous false starts and begins. But that was a long way from the happily ever after that the fans had anticipated.
Fans first saw Penny was treating Leonard with more than a bit of hate soon after their marriage. She downplayed his accomplishments, made fun of his relationship with his mother, and frequently made fun of him in group settings. When Penny and Raj discuss how Howard constantly makes mean-spirited comments about Raj, he points out that Penny does the same with Leonard, and she agrees with that assessment.

The episode “The Romance Recalibration” may include the most unambiguous indication that everything was not well with Penny and Leonard’s marriage due to Penny’s attitude. Penny initially believes Leonard has given up trying to maintain his attractiveness in her eyes since being married. Leonard then clarifies that he is the only person in their relationship who consistently tries to appeal to the other and acts romantically toward Penny to win her over.

Treating women like aliens

Amy and Bernadette’s inclusion in the main cast of “The Big Bang Theory” in later seasons provided us with powerful female characters and plotlines. The early seasons of the show mainly focused on portraying women as the enigmatic “other,” almost as aliens, which only serves to accentuate that.
The basic idea on which the sitcom was based was the awkwardness of the four main male characters in social situations, especially regarding ladies. When among women, Howard behaves like a lusty creep. Raj is incapable of communicating with them without getting inebriated. Sheldon has no desire to share with them. Additionally, Leonard, arguably the most “normal” member of the gang, is unable to approach Penny or any other attractive lady because of a severe inferiority issue.

Due to this design, female characters on the program were all too frequently depicted as one-dimensional individuals whose only contributions to the story were their physical attractiveness and whether or not the male characters had any chance of getting laid. The episode “The Justice League Recombination” effectively encapsulated this concept. Howard dismisses Sheldon’s concerns when he doubts whether Penny’s Wonder Woman costume is accurate enough without a black wig. “Relax. Her hair won’t be noticed by anyone, “talking about Penny’s bare cleavage.

Looking down on less educated people

The Big Bang Theory’s four central male characters are all quite intelligent. Three of them hold doctorates, so Howard only has a master’s from M.I.T. frequently draws jeers, notably from Sheldon. The other three act much harsher toward other less qualified people if they make fun of Howard for not having a Ph.D. Penny and Leonard frequently argue that she doesn’t think she is smart enough to keep up with him. It is clear that Leonard concurs with this assessment; in fact, he had so perplexed when Penny suggested that she had catch up to him by enrolling in community college.

But Sheldon is the master of making fun of people for not being as intelligent or well-educated as he is. He has a reputation for insulting Penny’s intelligence and lack of education, in addition to a long history of dismissing other fields of study that pique his attention. Who can ever forget when Sheldon and Amy (Mayim Bialik) got into a heated dispute over why his job as a theoretical physicist was more significant than her work as a neurobiologist? Or when Sheldon stood up in front of a room full of scientists and said, “I kid the geologists, of course, but that’s only because I have no regard for the discipline.”

The mockery of Howard’s mom

Even though we never got to meet Howard’s mother, she was a significant character in the show’s first few seasons. Due to her stature and dysfunctional relationship with Howard, she played the role of being the brunt of jokes frequently. The first person to make fun of Howard’s mother in front of his pals was Howard himself. From “Have you ever met my mom? I’m living in Jewish hell” to “[My mom] says she’ll go on a hunger strike if I don’t back out. She wouldn’t be in danger for several years yet.” On numerous occasions, Howard labeled his mother a “crazy lady,” made fun of her physical appearance, and lamented that he was forced to live with her.

As time passed, the other characters joined in on the fun by making fun of Howard’s mother’s voice and appearance. Nobody else’s parents has ever experienced anything like this. Additionally, Mrs. Wolowitz is consistently depicted as a devoted caregiver who Howard mooch off. She did not deserve to be repeatedly made fun of due to her size, voice, and medical issues.

Penny used the guys

“The Big Bang Theory” first portrayed Penny as the lone voice of reason in a sea of awkward, antisocial geeks. The wise, good-natured simpleton did not mind hanging around with geeks and actively encouraged them to open up to the outside world. The truth of Penny’s friendship with the males, however, is far different from this. It is evident that Penny is aware of how her appearance affects Leonard, Raj, and Howard, and she frequently uses this knowledge. She consumes the men’s ordered meal without contributing her fair portion. She snatches their Wi-Fi and utilizes their brains when she needs anything technical done. Even worse, she tormented Leonard by making him go to her ex-house boyfriend’s to pick up her belongings after just getting to know him for a short time.

The fact that Penny becomes uneasy when a new gorgeous lady moves into their building and starts using the males precisely the same way as she demonstrates that she is aware of her manipulative behavior. Additionally, it hadshown in later seasons that Penny used to bully students, demonstrating the early development of her habit of elevating herself above others.

Sheldon is just the absolute worst

Sheldon Cooper would have evolved into the most intolerable character in television history if played by a less talented actor. The fact that Jim Parsons made viewers love Sheldon rather than see the surface for the horrible, horrible person he truly speaks volumes about his acting talent. Sheldon has consistently shown himself to be petty, selfish, vengeful, unjust, and heartless since the beginning of the program. He frequently mocks his pals for not being as intelligent as him. Sheldon has often made fun of women’s periods by making jokes about them. He showed his assistant Alex explicit photographs of human genitalia against her will and used racially offensive language when speaking to the human resources manager.

The program always makes it clear that Sheldon is acting ignorantly rather than maliciously whenever he acts like a complete tool. That defense would only hold water if Sheldon didn’t take offense when people misbehaved around him. But Sheldon always reacts angrily in those circumstances. Sheldon understands what is morally right and wrong. However, he had oblivious to any offense he might cause to others until he had expressly criticized for his actions because of his dismissive attitude toward most human beings, except his closest friends and family.

Leonard’s mother emotionally abuses him

Leonard Hofstadter evolved to become one of the most pitiful fictional characters ever made over time. He was first shown to give Sheldon total control over their living situation. Even performing menial tasks around their flat for Sheldon. Penny took Sheldon’s place as Leonard’s constant boss after the marriage. And to top it all off, we meet Beverly, Leonard’s mother (Christine Baranski). It is difficult to overestimate the extent of the emotional torture Beverly inflicted upon Leonard from a young age. She resisted showing Leonard any love, cast doubt on anything he tried to do, and acted dismissively about his accomplishments. To top it all off, Leonard learns that his mother experimented on him. Psychologically from a young age and published the results for all to see.

All of this severely damaged Leonard’s psyche. Beverly continues to show little concern for Leonard’s feelings, which only serves to make matters worse. She frequently portrays herself as if Leonard is overly sentimental and that she has been a perfect mother. While Leonard and Beverly do come to some understanding. Leonard’s transformation into a human doormat caused harm that had likely never been repaired.

A poor representation of geek culture

The Big Bang Theory had frequently cited as an example of a program. That popularised geek culture while being a terrible representation of geek culture. While it had true that the program is rife with allusions to the most arcane aspects of geek culture. How those aspects had explored had more than a bit dubious. That these mature men had genuinely interested in something “geeky” is frequently the entire punch line of a joke. Think about the following absolute joke from an actual episode of the program. “A ‘Game of Thrones’-inspired deathmatch on the Thundercats against Transformers battleground had decided the fate of Doctor Who’s Tardis.” The joke ends there—just a collection of allusions to different sci-fi and fantasy series. All done.

All too frequently, the joke had “look at how obsessive these man-children had with something meant for kids, like comics or action figures or cosplay,” rather than building up a reference to an area of geek culture and then leveraging that reference to create actual funny.

Piggybacking on real disorders for comedy

Even though several of the characters in “The Big Bang Theory” have characteristics modeled. After actual medical conditions, the program hardly ever makes explicit allusions to those conditions. For instance, Sheldon had frequently compared to someone autistic due to his conduct. But the show’s creators have refuted claims that the character is genuinely autistic. In Raj’s instance, his condition has a name: “selected mutism.”  Due to the way his mother raised him. Leonard has a wide range of behavioral problems. Transient idiopathic arrhythmia is only one of the illnesses. That Howard has described having. Howard’s mother was seriously overweight. While Raj’s ex-girlfriend Lucy (Kate Micucci) had severe social anxiety.

Whether the characters have a diagnosable illness or imitate one or two symptoms. Those conditions had rarely employed for anything other than comedy punchlines. Even though “The Big Bang Theory” is a comedy. It might have given the characters more depth by illustrating how their illnesses affect them more concretely. Like Raj did when he sobbed. Because he believed his illness rendered him wholly “unlovable.”  We needed more of such scenes to grasp. How challenging life can be for folks with such problems.

Bernadette is also pretty terrible

Because he  had not tried to hide his true nature and exhibited very little artifice. Sheldon had openly acknowledged to be a pretty bad person. Sheldon. However, faces stiff competition from none other than charming, diminutive Bernadette (Melissa Rauch). Who is deceptively sly about being a severe bully. In the category of “greatest douchebag.” From her previous experience as a babysitter. Bernadette makes it quite known that she has a strong disdain for kids. She commands the kids to be quiet and threatens to stop giving them cookies. If they don’t comply. When Bernie and Howard had tasked with entertaining a bunch of kids. It has an excellent example of Bernie’s bullying behavior at a time. When everyone believed she has sweetness and fun personified.

But when Bernadette’s professional life has examined, the whole level of her vindictiveness became apparent. It turns out that everyone in her office, including her supervisor, had scared of Bernadette. Once Bernadette continues to use the accessible restroom. Everyone who works in the same building as her chooses to repurpose it. It is Bernadette’s private restroom. Later, Bernie’s tendency to be intimidating frequently seeps into her personal life. To the point where even Penny starts to be cautious of unintentionally upsetting Bernadette.

The male characters should be in jail many times over

In general, it frequently stressed how knowledgeable and skilled the male characters are in their fields, especially Sheldon. However, just because someone is intelligent enough to perform. An excellent job at their work doesn’t indicate that they also possess the necessary morals. In truth, some things that Leonard, Sheldon, Raj, and Howard have done while working should land them in jail. For instance, once Leonard came dangerously close to giving a North Korean spy state secrets in exchange for her bed. Or when Leonard, Raj, and Howard tried an experimental rocket fuel recipe improperly in a public setting. And as a result, the elevator in their apartment building exploded.

Then there was the incident where Howard crashed the Mars Rover while attempting to win over a random bar patron. Not to mention when Sheldon and Leonard attempted to obtain liquid helium through a dubious contact. You have to wonder how the gentlemen have managed to avoid jail time and maintain their employment for so long. Sincerity had damned.

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