Why You Never Saw Bernadette And Howard Babies On The Big Bang Theory

In contrast to some other sitcoms, The Big Bang Theory lets its characters grow into well-rounded adults. That meant something different for each person in Sheldon and Leonard’s group of friends. Howard and Bernadette meant getting married and having two kids, Halley and Neil Michael, now adults. That’s not all: Howard and Bernie didn’t show their kids until the show’s end because of a compelling reason.

When Halley and Neil Michael were kept out of the picture, they could honor Halley’s late, often heard, but never seen grandmother, Mrs. Wolowitz, or it kept the set free of babies. The last thing was essential to the show’s executive producer, Steve Holland, who told Entertainment Tonight in 2018 that he doesn’t like having babies in the TV shows. “I mean, it’s possible to see the baby, but I’m not a fan of having babies on set.” In this case, I don’t want them to be hauled around by someone else & shoved in front of a camera.

Howard or Bernadette’s daughter Halley is a tribute to her grandmother, Mrs. Wolowitz.

Even though she was only heard from off-screen, she was essential to the show. Carol Ann Susi died at the age of 62 in season 14. Her unique voice and caring for her adult son made many people laugh in the first few seasons. When she left, Howard and the show had a significant impact.

They came up with a unique way to pay tribute to Howard’s mom and keep the no babies on the set rule in place in season 9. She lets out a cry that sounds like her grandmother’s voice right after Howard and Bernadette give birth to their daughter. The scene is both heartwarming and hilarious at the same time. Keeping Mrs. Wolowitz alive is “a nice way for us to keep her alive,” the showrunner said. Having a baby on the set also meant that we didn’t have to deal with many things. Like Mrs. Wolowitz, Halley has heard but not seen for most shows. She has only seen in the last episode.

Why did The Big Bang Theory writers decide to show Halley and Neil Michael in the final episode?

After keeping the kids off-screen since they were born, The Big Bang Theory finally showed Halley and Neil Michael in a heartfelt family scene. The moment felt like a big payoff to fans, but it was just a simple bedtime routine for Howard and Bernadette. This shows that even though the show didn’t show the characters’ babies, it didn’t hide their parents.

He said that the idea came from series creator Chuck Lorre to show the kids finally. Surprise: “That didn’t even come up when we opened it. At the scene, Chuck says: “Why don’t we just do it?” Why don’t we? We didn’t need to make a big deal of it. We planned to leave them out before not to have to work with small children on set. It seemed like a good idea to hide them in the end.”

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