Young Sheldon Kids, Then and Now: See How They’ve Grown Over 100 Episodes.

Thursday’s ep of Young Sheldon (CBS, 8/7c) is the 100th episode of the Big Bang Theory spinoff, and to celebrate. TVLine is looking back at how quickly the Cooper children (played by Iain Armitage. Raegan Revord, and Montana Jordan) have grown from smart kids to young adults.

In the vital episode, “A Solo Peanut, a Social Butterfly, and the Truth,” Paige, another child genius, gives Sheldon an unusual request (played by recurring guest star McKenna Grace). Also, George Sr. and Mary get caught in the middle of Meemaw and Dale’s breakup. And Georgie, who is 17, tells Mandy, who is 30, the truth about what he did (Emily Osment).


Iain Armitage had cast as the child genius when Sheldon was only eight. He has best known for playing Ziggy on the HBO show Big Little Lies. Before, he played a younger version of Jim Parsons’ character on The Big Bang Theory.


Raegan Revord, now 14, started as Sheldon’s sassy twin sister, Missy when she was only nine years old. Courtney Henggeler (Cobra Kai) played the part for the first time in a Season 1 episode of The Big Bang Theory.


Sheldon, now 19, played the older brother of Sheldon and Missy when he was only 14. Unlike his TV siblings, Jordan got to play Mary and George’s oldest son. Who had never been seen on Big Bang? The part of the mothership has given to Jerry O’Connell in the end.


In Seasons 3 & 5 of “The Mothership,” Sheldon talked about being picked on as a child. Wyatt McClure, now 13, played the character when he was only eight. He first appeared in the Young Sheldon pilot, where he teased Sheldon with his pet chicken, Mathilda. Since then, Billy has been more of a bother than a bully, and the future physicist hasn’t had a reason to add him to his list of all-time enemies yet.


Ryan Phuong, now 20, first appeared in Episode 2 as Sheldon’s classmate at Medford High School. At the time, he was only 15 years old. He made 29 more appearances after that, and the last time we saw him was near the end of Season 4.


Mckenna Grace, who is already well-known and nominated for an Emmy for her role on Hulu’s The Handmaid’s Tale, made her first appearance as brainy Paige in Season 2’s “A Rival Prodigy and Sir Isaac Neutron” when she was only 12 years old. In the prequel’s landmark episode, the 15-year-old girl plays Sheldon’s enemy again.

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