Young Sheldon Season 6 Image-Highlights Cooper Twins’ Growth Spurts

A brand-new Young Sheldon season 6 picture shows how much Missy (Raegan Revord) and Sheldon (Iain Armitage) have matured through the years.

The recent Young Sheldon season 6 picture shows Missy and Sheldon’s rapid growth. Following the requisite summer hiatus for The Big Bang Theory prequel, The Cooper twins will soon return to television. Young Sheldon season 5’s cliffhanger finale will be followed by season 6, which will debut in September.

Season 6 of Young Sheldon has been in full gear for some time due to its impending comeback. A few actors have released behind-the-scenes material from their days on set. Annie Potts, for example, posted pictures of Meemaw, including one taken at the Coopers’ home. Raegan Revord, though, has been the most devoted to updating on social media to inform followers of the status of the shoot. She has also revealed that the family will return to the church despite Pastor Jeff’s deception. She has also given the audience their first glimpse of Missy and Mary filming the iconic dinner scene.

However, in Revord’s most recent Instagram post, she included a picture of herself and her on-screen twin, Iain Armitage. The actor adds that filming for Young Sheldon season 6 is already underway. Still, the most crucial observation from the picture is how it emphasizes Missy and Sheldon’s growth spurts, which even she recognizes.

Given that The Big Bag Theory gives Young Sheldon’s story a fixed finale, it makes sense that CBS has slowed down their aging to lengthen it. Revord and Armitage are already 14, although Missy and Sheldon are only 12 years old and turning 13 in the show. However, when the actors get older, the network can no longer support this. Therefore the prequel needs to advance the timeframe. With this, anticipate George Cooper’s inevitable passing within the next two years. Which also happens to be how long the program is confirmed to last. Since it will still be a few more years before The Big Bang Theory’s events occur. It is presently unknown if the project will go beyond that. But if they do this, Young Sheldon’s storytelling would have to shift. Because it would dramatically ruin the show’s family-comedy tone.

The Big Bang Theory’s established canon can, of course, be disregarded entirely. Given the numerous plot differences between the two shows, CBS may as well elect to place Young Sheldon in a different period. In this manner, the network can continue to benefit from the show’s popularity without diluting the plot to the point that Revord and Armitage’s portrayals of 12-year-old children are no longer plausible. Additionally, it would grant them full artistic license when creating Young Sheldon.

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