The Vampire Diaries: The 10 Worst Things Damon Did

Damon’s experience on The Vampire Diaries frequently showed him pushing the limit among great and awful.

All through The Vampire Diaries, Damon was frequently an ethically dim person.

The Way He Lived In New York

In the flashback episode “Because the Night,” Damon recalled the party lifestyle he enjoyed with his humanity off in the 1970s, where he wreaked havoc on the streets of New York. Some of Damon’s worst traits were his apathy and impulsiveness, and these were only emphasized when he harbored no humanity.

Throughout the flashbacks, Damon hunted and killed people on sidewalks, manipulated Lexi. And even had a system set up with someone who owned the bar he frequented. Whereby he could feed off people as they danced, as long as he compelled them to forget. It was a horrific insight into Damon’s life with no humanity, and showcased just how brutally selfish he could be.

Tricking Lexi And Eventually Killing Her

Damon’s treatment of Lexi was abysmal, despite her repeated attempts to help him and Stefan throughout the show. In “Because the Night,” it was revealed that Lexi had tried to get Damon to turn his humanity back on. Despite how badly he had treated her up until this point. Not only did Damon seduce her as part of his trick, he then left her on a rooftop in daylight, and threatened to let her burn if she didn’t leave him alone.

As if it couldn’t get any worse, he then elected to kill Lexi in “162 Candles,” as part of his ploy to get Liz to trust him. For such a sweet and loyal character, Lexi deserved better than Damon’s awful treatment and her murder was one of the most impulsive and shocking things Damon did when devoid of humanity

His Killing Sprees In Season 1

Damon’s actions throughout season 1 of The Vampire Diaries were unforgivable. He introduced him as an impulsive and dangerous vampire who stopped at nothing to get what he wanted. In the show’s very first episode. He was shown brutally murdering a couple who were camping in the woods, and his killings didn’t stop there. The episode “You’re Undead to Me,” he killed Zach and went on to mercilessly slaughter a group of teenagers. He killed Vicki and then turned her into a vampire, knowing how dangerous and careless his actions were. Damon killed multiple people throughout the series, but his killings in the first season were among his most vicious because of his lack of humanity.

Manipulating Caroline


Damon’s treatment of Caroline in season 1 was truly one of the worst things he did, and the way he talked about her is one of the many things about Damon that haven’t aged well. Damon relentlessly used Caroline to satiate his needs, from feeding on her, compelling her to help him, or sleeping with her, he treated her like his own personal puppet.

He did all of this and then compelled her to completely forget all about it. Caroline deserved so much better than to be used by Damon like this, especially as she was only a teenager at the time and was enamored by Damon’s charismatic ways. Thankfully, Caroline got her revenge on him in season 2, but that doesn’t mean that Damon’s manipulation of her wasn’t truly disgusting.

Killing Maggie James

Damon’s escape from the Augustine society was devastating in itself. But his hell-bent ambition to torture all those who had harmed him made the events even more barbaric. Enzo, during his time in captivity, had developed a relationship of sorts with Maggie, He had even confided to Damon that Maggie was the reason he kept hope.


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