10 Good Things That Came From WWE’s Biggest Mistakes

WWE has made several mistakes, but the company appears to be on the mend. There’s usually a silver lining to their biggest blunders!

WWE has a long history of releasing great and creative ideas, but they also have a long account of releasing bad ideas. Fortunately, there are times when bad ideas lead to something good happening.

WWE’s mistakes are frequently brought up by outspoken wrestling fans about how bad these creative decisions were. These errors are sometimes ignored. However, if WWE can repair these negative aspects and turn them into positives, the correction is more likely to succeed than the original plan. Inevitable blunders have turned out to be a blessing in disguise for WWE.

10.The Yes Movement’s Ascension

Daniel Bryan quickly became a fan favorite in the WWE Universe. He was booked in significant matches and held a few titles, but his career took off once the Yes Movement began.
Fans believed that WWE had made a mistake with Bryan’s booking and effectively took over the show until Bryan had his WrestleMania moment. The now-AEW star had his ups and downs throughout his career, but things could have turned out very differently for him if it hadn’t been for the Yes Movement.

9.The Women’s Movement

Many would agree that WWE’s Divas Era was a blunder that treated women’s wrestling as a farce. Everything changed when women and fans stepped up and made the Women’s Revolution trend.

8.WrestleMania takes place over two days.

Speaking of WrestleMania, shows had grown so large that it was challenging to keep the event running on time. It would be a long day of wrestling, and the fans would complain that it was simply too long.

7.Icon versus Icon

When WWE purchased World Championship Wrestling (WCW), they acquired most of their roster, but some of their biggest stars did not immediately jump ship to the company. The NWO’s Hulk Hogan, Kevin Nash, and Scott Hall did not return to WWE until much later.

6.The Spinner Belt’s End

During WWE’s Ruthless Aggression era, John Cena’s rise was monumental. He redesigned the title to look like a spinner when he won his first US Championship. During his first reign as WWE Champion, Cena did the same to the WWE Championship.

5.CM Punk’s Post-ECW Career

WWE, like WCW, owned the Extreme Championship Wrestling rights (ECW). Following the success of ECW One Night Stand, WWE decided to reintroduce The Land of Extreme as their third brand.

4.Kane’s Character Is Getting More Depth

Kane is one of the most feared wrestlers in history, and his appearance has a lot to do with it. Kane’s past story made sense for him first to appear wearing a mask, but in 2003, WWE removed his mask, revealing his new monster-like appearance.

3.The Destroyer

“The Fiend” Bray Wyatt is another monster-like character who fixed a mistake. His original character became a fan favorite quickly, but once The Wyatt Family split up, he began to lose favor.

2.NXT Attends the Survivor Series

WWE had just launched NXT on the USA Network in 2019 and was ready to recognize them as the third brand. The upcoming pay-per-view event was Survivor Series, and they had big plans after the recent Saudi Arabia show.

1.The Emergence of the Alternative

All Elite Wrestling, the leading competitor to WWE, debuted in 2019. One of the company’s goals was to correct the mistakes they saw in the wrestling industry.

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