After Finn Balor wins the US Championship, a priest viciously attacks him.

WWE’s new United States Champion is Finn Balor. He walks away from Monday Night Raw as the new champion after a hard-fought battle with Damian Priest, but he took a beating in the process.

A match was promoted last week when Balor responded to Priest’s challenge for anyone who considers themselves world champion material to step up. Balor noted that it sounded like Priest was speaking to him and should be careful what he wished for. Balor would win with a Coup de grâce & celebrate with the fans, only to have Priest tell him after the match that the fans were the reason Balor defeated or that they carried him to victory. WWE billed this match as one of the highlights of Monday’s show. They didn’t let down, even though the title changed hands.

Priest vowed to reclaim the championship, despite the fans who had never supported him. Priest claims he had a successful run as the titleholder. But he couldn’t get the WWE Universe’s support, respect, or admiration when they should have been there for him, and they no longer mean anything to him. “What I’m saying is that I’m going to reclaim that, and all that love, admiration, and motivation won’t mean a damn thing.” When Balor approached Priest, the former champion pretended to walk away, only to turn around and blast an unsuspecting Balor. The priest then threw Balor out of the ring before dropping a powerbomb on the announce table.

WrestleMania: Balor vs. Priest?

It’s unclear whether WWE is preparing these two for a rematch at the biggest show of the year. But with the card set and Priest vowing to get his rematch. This feud appears to be heading for the biggest stage company has to offer.

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