Drew McIntyre Talks About Cesaro’s WWE Exit

Cesaro’s 11-year run with the WWE ended abruptly earlier this week. As previously stated, the wrestler, 41, left the company after the two parties could not agree on a contract extension. Around this time last year, the Swiss Cyborg reportedly agreed to a one-year extension. It was also noted that the news of Cesaro’s departure disappointed many behind the scenes, as he was well-liked in the locker room.

A non-compete clause does not bind Cesaro because he was not released outright, and he is free to sign with any promotion at any time. During an interview with the In The Kliq podcast (h/t Fightful.com), veteran WWE superstar Drew McIntyre discussed Cesaro’s departure. Although McIntyre admits it’s “a shame” that one of his good friends is no longer employed by WWE, he is confident Cesaro will succeed outside of the company. Cesaro, the former WWE Champion, also revealed that he recently became a father.

“That’s unfortunate,” McIntyre said. “So many people come and go from the company, and I’m one of them. We always run into each other down the line, but it’s even worse when it’s a friend and someone you want to wrestle with. That was my number one match, and I believe it was his number one match as well. We’ve been wrestling for 20 years but have never competed in a singles match. So we’ll stay a little longer; it’ll happen eventually. But, you know, he has a family. He’s got his new child, and he’ll be just fine. He’s far too gifted not to be.”

Cesaro should have a lot of success outside of WWE.

Cesaro was frequently a victim of lousy booking in WWE. Despite his incredible in-ring work and widespread popularity in the WWE Universe. He had all the makings of a main eventer, but Vince McMahon and company never gave him a chance. Cesaro has plenty of good wrestlers years left in him, and he should shine with whichever company signs him.

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