Raw Winners and Losers: Styles Accepts Edge’s Challenge, Balor Wins US Championship

This week’s Raw featured some significant developments leading up to WrestleMania. Styles accepted edge’s challenge, and Balor is the new U.S. Champion.

This week’s Raw was supposed to be a buildup to WrestleMania. WWE announced that someone would respond to edge’s open challenge, while Finn Balor would compete for the United States Championship. The women provided plenty of action in a six-woman tag match, and Seth Rollins and Kevin Owens defeated the Raw Tag Team Champions. On Raw, romance was in the air, and Becky Lynch got some excellent shots of Bianca Belair’s hair.

Over three hours, there was some good, not-so-good, and excellent material. Here are your Monday Night Raw winners and losers for February 28, 2022:

Winner: The KO Show Is Turned Into A Tag Match

The first segment demonstrated how good Kevin Owens and Seth Rollins are at cutting promos and how quickly Chad Gable is establishing himself as an established heel with better mic skills than anyone could have predicted. This segment was similar to a merchandise infomercial in that Gable was constantly promoting his catchphrases such as “Shoosh!” and “Thank you!” The battle of the shooosh’s felt like something out of an Austin Powers movie, and it served as an excellent lead-in to an impromptu tag match.

The tag match that followed was fantastic. Given the talent involved, it should have been. Rollins and Owens’ victory over the tag team champions prepared them well for next week’s Triple Threat Match for the Raw Tag Team titles.

Olmos, the loser, destroys the T-Bar.

After a brief hiatus, Omos is back and getting a boost from WWE ahead of WrestleMania. The announcers quickly pointed out that he wanted a spot on the biggest stage, and it didn’t take him long to dispatch T-Bar, who fans haven’t seen on Raw in a long time. Amos took an early advantage by knocking his opponent off the apron, and the official reconsidered calling the match off. T-Bar fought hard and wanted to continue, but this fight didn’t last long except for one defensive move that briefly stunned Olmos. All it took was a double chokeslam.

He referred to T-Bar as his most challenging opponent to date. Does this imply that WWE intends to have someone’s massive take on Amos? I’m not sure who is available to fill that role, but it appears that WWE has something in mind. If WWE is building up Omos by beating mid-card opponents to the big show, he could be in for a long five weeks.

Six-Woman Tag Team Championship

This was a decent match between six of Raw’s most critical female talents, but the only thing anyone will remember about it is Bianca Belair’s hair snapping when she hit Becky Lynch with the braid just before the match’s end. That sound was so loud that it would be a moment WWE replays for months. It’s unclear whether the sound was entirely natural or if some of it was added by WWE, but the timing was good enough to make it appear legitimate, and that’s all that matters.

The match went off without a hitch, and some pretty cool spots could set up a few games for WrestleMania.

Romance is in the air, and the winner is

WWE’s comedy is usually pretty goofy and not very entertaining when it comes to romance and relationships. The dual affairs that appear to be developing between Dana Brooke and Reggie, while Tamina tries to outdo them by exploiting Akira Tozawa’s crush on her, could be mildly amusing. Tozawa is good at this kind of thing, so his puppy dog-like behavior around Tamina has some promise.

Awkward Ending to the Street Profits vs. RK-Bro Match

Something went wrong at the end of the RK-Bro vs. Street Profits match, though it’s unclear what it was. Montez Ford landed a massive frog splash on Orton, who then attempted to roll to the corner where he could reach out and break up a pin attempt with his foot. Unfortunately, he was a little too far away, but Angelo Dawkins was right there to push his foot off the ropes. It felt like that was the match’s scripted ending, but everyone acted as if it had gone wrong.

Balor wins the U.S. Championship, while Priest becomes a heel.

Finn Balor defeated Damian Priest for the United States Championship in a hard-fought match that ended precisely how it should have. It was the right decision to change the title because Priest’s tenure hasn’t been memorable. An even better decision was to turn Priest heel after the match and give him a clear path forward. Everyone involved agreed that this was the best creative decision they could have made. The rematch is unquestionably on the horizon, and there’s no mistaking who is the babyface and who is the heel.

Styles Accepts Edge’s Challenge, And Edge Turns Heel

Edge ended the show while waiting for someone to respond to his challenge. Styles was the man for the job. The Rated R-Superstar summoned the bulldog, and the two began to spar. Edge’s cheap shot prompted him to relentlessly attack Styles, eventually hitting him with a Conchairto to the head. The crowd booed edge, and their WrestleMania dream match was set.

The Edge turn comes out of nowhere, but it’s a good decision. Styles make for a good babyface, and edge thrives in this role.

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