Should Kenny Omega’s first AEW match be against Bryan Danielson or Hangman Page?

Should Kenny Omega’s first AEW match be against Bryan Danielson or Hangman Page?

Kenny Omega is currently on a well-deserved break from AEW. The Cleaner last wrestled in November at Full Gear, where he lost the AEW Title to Hangman Page. The match was the culmination of Page’s fantastic chase. One that took fans on a rollercoaster ride during which Page took time away to care for his newborn baby, and on-screen, an angle played out in which he became estranged from his friends, owing to a drinking problem.

Omega, on the other hand, was open about his physical issues. Omega admitted to being in pain a lot of the time due to the strains that a long wrestling career put on his body. There were even hints that he might retire for good soon. Omega hasn’t quit, and he’ll be back in an AEW ring at some point. This break allows him to recover and will enable fans to miss him. When he returns, everyone will be eager to see him demonstrate why he is regarded as one of the best wrestlers in the world.

The Pursuit of the Hangman

This gives Omega and AEW options for determining who The Cleaner will target first when he returns. Since his final match before leaving was against Page, Page is still the AEW Champion. A game with The Hangman might make the most sense. Omega will want to continue from where he left off. There’s a valid case to be made that he should be the number one contender for the title, and if Page defeats Adam Cole at Revolution, Omega can appear shortly after and declare that he’s back to cash in on his rematch.

The tangled web involving Cole, The Young Bucks, Page, Omega, and others also plays a role. Having Cole fail to dethrone Page only for Omega to step in and claim he’ll handle it would enrage the former NXT Champion, further dividing all parties involved.

Bryan Danielson’s Unfinished Business

A couple of significant roadblocks may prevent Omega from challenging Hangman right away. For starters, Cole has a chance to win at Revolution. Yes, Omega could still go after Page, but it doesn’t seem likely with no title to win if he beats him. There’s also the looming threat of MJF. At Revolution, MJF will face CM Punk for the second time. If he wins, there will be no need for a third match, and the young upstart can finally do what he has been promising to do a challenge for the AEW Championship.

At this point, MJF appears to be the most likely candidate to dethrone Page. While it is possible, it seems unlikely that AEW would have Omega return from his hiatus and immediately lose to Page. As Omega is about to declare his intention to take on Page, Danielson can intervene and remind the former New Japan man that they still have unfinished business. Perhaps by then, he’ll have gained the support of Jon Moxley, and the two of them will be able to attack Omega together. This will pave the way for Omega to face Danielson 2 and MJF to challenge Page for the AEW Championship. It’s clear that once Omega returns, there will be a lot of friction between the two of them.

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