Why Did Vince McMahon Want To Hide His Face? – WWE Hall of Famer

During his time with WWE, The Godfather has taken on many different roles, from being a pimp to a voodoo practitioner.

Papa Shango was the name of the character in The Godfather who did voodoo and painted his face to look like Lwa from the movie “Live and Let Die.” He was first seen in 1992. The Godfather, who is in the WWE Hall of Fame, talked about how the Papa Shango character came to be on “The A2theKWrestling Show.”

“Vince says, ‘You have the body of a monster, but the face of a baby,'” Godfather said. “We have to do something with that face.” “…That was Vince trying to cover up my baby face.”

Godfather played Papa Shango in WWE from the beginning of 1992 until the end of 1993. He didn’t even spend two years as the scary character that people still talk about today. Godfather came back to WWE in 1995 as Kama. In 1997, he joined a group called The Nation of Domination, which is now a well-known group. Kama, Mark Henry, D. Lo. Brown, Ahmed Johnson, Faarooq, and The Rock were all part of the Nation of Domination.

When the group first started, Faarooq was in charge. In 1998, though, The Rock took over. Changes were made to the group, like making Kama into The Godfather and adding more fun characters. In the end, the group broke up in late 1998, partly because of how popular The Rock was becoming.

The Godfather then had a solo run during the Attitude Era, when he was always pushing the limits on TV. Godfather would talk about marijuana and wear clothes that looked like it. He would also call women “hoes.” Godfather would always have his “hoes” with him in the ring, whether he was fighting or just making an appearance.

In 2001, Godfather’s last character in WWE was a huge change. He became The Goodfather, which was the exact opposite of what he did before. The Goodfather was a character who, along with the other members of Right to Censor, wanted to get rid of anything on WWE TV that had to do with sexuality, violence, language, etc.

During his time in WWE, The Godfather won one Intercontinental Championship and briefly held the Tag Team Championship with Bull Buchanon as part of the group Right to Censor. In 2016, Godfather became a member of the WWE Hall of Fame.

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