WWE RAW gives Seth Rollins and Kevin Owens a massive title shot.

On the most recent episode of WWE RAW, two former world champions, Seth Rollins and Kevin Owens formed a tag team. After an epic main event, their duo has made their way into the tag team title picture.

This week, Seth Rollins and Kevin Owens were set to face RK-Bro in the show’s final match. If they had defeated Randy Orton and Riddle, they would have been added to the RAW Tag Team Championship match between RK-Bro and the Alpha Academy.

The two teams faced off in an entertaining main event that divided the audience’s support. Each of the four superstars took turns establishing their dominance inside the ring. To the delight of the WWE Universe, both of them looked equally good in the match.

During the match, Rollins and Owens used deception to separate Riddle from Randy Orton. Rollins and Owens took the former World Champion out of the equation for a moment and then looked to capitalize against Riddle. However, it proved to be a more difficult challenge than anticipated.

Riddle was brutally beaten by Seth Rollins and Kevin Owens on WWE RAW. They kept expecting the Original Bro to take the pinfall, but he kept kicking out, sending the entire arena into a frenzy. Orton attempted to reestablish the balance, but Rollins caught him with a Stomp on the ramp.

Back inside the squared circle, Rollins and Owens launched an all-out assault on Riddle. In the match’s final moments, they hit a Stunner and a Stomp in quick succession to secure their victory on WWE RAW.

As a result, the Alpha Academy will have to defend their Tag Team Championships against RK-Bro and the Rollins and KO team in a triple threat match in two weeks.

Seth Rollins and Kevin Owens’ budding friendship on WWE RAW

Rollins and Owens first worked together on RAW when they were vying for the WWE Championship. By assisting each other in their pursuit of gold, the two superstars formed a strategic friendship.

Their plans were thwarted when Brock Lesnar won the title and began feuding with Universal Champion Roman Reigns. Meanwhile, The Architect and KO have shifted gears by concentrating on the tag titles.

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